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Hope missions haiti

Please help us to restore the lives of those strickened by extreme poverty, due to lack of education, employment, and most recently the devastation of hurricane Matthew.

Starting in 1968, Bishop Leonard and Christ Gospel Church of St. Petersburg teamed up with our Haitian sister churches to revive hope on the island of Haiti. Our Mission is located in Sable Cabaret, a village near the city of Jacmel. There we support a school with hundreds of students, a church, a home with a family of five (5), and a medical clinic.

Our visit in October 2016 allowed us to observe the impact of hurricane Matthew; and to partner with International Missions to provide medical care to 257 people. We are now working with hands-on effort to help restore and repair homes, and our school. While continuing to maintain the services provided by our school and medical clinic. In conjunction to these efforts, we send $2,125 monthly (for food, teacher's salary and students tuition), your support will be greatly appreciated.

Please assist us by Donating to HOPE MISSIONS via PAYPAL or by sending an offering to HOPE MISSIONS at the address below. Your support during this time of great need will increase our efforts to provide financial support to our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti.

Hope Missions

2512 22nd Ave. So.

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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